City People

Specifications: Author: Kiki Streitberger Softcover Format: 150 x 150 mm 72 pages, 68 colour photographs Recommended Retail Price: £8.50, €9.95 Single Language Edition (English) ISBN: 978-0-9565789-3-8


Living in London, you'll have come across a lot of city boys and girls on the tube or in bars and nice restaurants - Kiki's City People are not so much known for their sense of style and expensive taste as for their ability to bring out a smile in others. They tend to hang out in the streets and are usually made of old tissue, chewing gum, bits of plastic and other rubbish commonly found there. They also tend to not hang around for very long and spend most of their time being ignored or trodden on. In order to preserve these little creatures Kiki decided to take their portrait and publish a collection of them in this little gift book in the hope that it will inspire and make you smile too.

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