My Street Zoo

Specifications: Author: Kiki Streitberger Softcover Format: 150 x 150 mm 72 pages, 68 colour photographs Recommended Retail Price: £8.50, €9.95 Single Language Edition (English) ISBN: 978-0-9565789-2-1


Our cities are full of animals - and no, we're not talking pigeons and tube mice, we're talking about the other kind made of old tissues, bits of plastic and other rubbish littering our streets. The first animal Kiki Streitberger had the pleasure of meeting was a little camel. It was very small and very cute - and very fragile. It was impossible to pick it up. Even a sudden gust of wind would have destroyed it. It was just a randomly aligned piece of string. It was followed by a polar bear, a duck and a monkey, and each one of them made her smile. She took pictures of all of them and published a collection of them in this little gift book in the hope that it will inspire and make you smile too.